Junior / Youth Golf Programs (Group)

(Ages 5-12 years old)
This golf program contains a well-structured curriculum that takes each student through 3 levels of learning. Each level of 24 hours/sessions period would require fulfilling theory & practical training and attaining a required level proficiency to promote to the next higher level. Juniors will enjoy training that emphasizes on the fun, technical skill, etiquette, rules, theoretical knowledge and safety of golf. This program focuses on developing your child’s golfing talent and basic fundamentals to the game of golf. It will prepare them from the Beginner to Advance level.

TOTAL 24 lessons: 1 hour lesson per week x 4 week per month.
Fees: $30~$50 per lesson (1 hr per week) (Payment by skill level/ term)
Expiry Date: 6 Months

  • Subjected to minimum sign-up of 24 lessons (6 months = 1 Level)
  • Minimum of 3 pax to form a class
  • Classes will be conducted on every Sat/Sun on fixed timeslots
  • Strictly no make-up lesson for absentees except with medical certificate or supporting documents submitted for Management’s approval.