PC & H’CAP Test


A golf proficiency certificate (P.C) is a ‘pass’ that indicates the pass holder has been assessed by certified golf professionals to have gained sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical skills of golf. It also signifies that the pass holder is able to play golf with due care and consideration on recognized golf courses without the guidance of certified golf professionals.

Many golfers have mistaken P.C as an all-rounded pass with similar nature of a Handicap index. Unlike the Handicap index, P.C does not have a net score number calculated based on a few rounds of golf on standard golf courses that enable one to gauge the golfer’s standards of playing ability prior to playing with that person.

P.C is a compulsory pre-requisite for golfers in Singapore to proceed towards attaining a Handicap index after submitting 3 rounds of 18-holes scorecards of equitable stroke counts and passing a 9-holes Courtesy Round assessed by a club’s handicap committee official and/or authorized golf professional.

With effect from 30 JUN 2024, all test shall be carried out at our Orchid Country Club outlet.


(A) Rules of Golf Workshop – Theoretical Aspect

Compulsory (1-time attendance for test-takers)

  • Workshop Fees:
    • SGD $ 25 + GST per person (for public run group test)


  • Information
    • The workshop is 30 minutes, followed by 15 minutes Multiple Choice Questionnaire (MCQ) test.
      • Rates & requirements are subjected to change without prior notice


  • Requirements
    • Book your workshop date & time with the Academy’s office via email ([email protected])
      • Full payment is required at least SEVEN (7) DAYS ahead to confirm a slot.
    • Reach 15 minutes earlier to mark attendance.
      • You may need to bring a pen for the MCQ theory test.




  • Proficiency Certificate Test Fees:
    • SGD $ 120 + GST per person (for public run group test)
      • Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
      • Rates exclude GST, Golf/Range balls and Golf Insurance
      • Candidates who prefer a private test setting or dates outside of public run group test, please contact [email protected] for rates.


  • On the day of the test, participants are required to:
    • Attend Rules of Golf Workshop (please read (A)) prior to a practical test
      • You are required to be in proper attire, bring own golf set and dispense own basket of range ball
        • Latecomers are not allowed to take the test.
            • Latecomers and/or absentees will be required to reschedule for the next available test date.
      • Rescheduling fees apply.
    • Test rates & test requirements are subjected to change without prior notice


  • P.C Practical Test Requirement:
    • Book your test date & time with the Academy’s office via email ([email protected])
      • Full payment is required at least SEVEN (7) to TEN (10) DAYS ahead to confirm a slot.
    • Attend and pass the workshop’s MCQ test (please read (A))
    • Pass practical test;
        • Tested on 4 distances at driving range: 30m, 50m, 100m, 150m with 3 out of 5 balls to be air-borne. To be able to hit with any golf club for the required distance; or
          • Certified to have a good understanding of golf rules, etiquette and playing ability through a minimum of 5-holes playing round
              • On-course lesson fees apply.


  • Upon passing the test:
    • PC cards will be ready for self-collection at the Academy seven (7) to fourteen (14) days after the completion of the tests and will be valid for a period of one (1) year based on the date of the issue.
    • Star Golf Academy Proficiency Certificate is officially recognized at Marina Bay Golf Course and Orchid Country Club for your social games on weekdays only.
      • All other club bye-laws apply.
    • Yearly renewal of golf PC will be required till golf handicap index is achieved.
    • Other terms and conditions apply.




  • Proof of previous STAR GOLF PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATE required.
    • No further practical and theoretical test is required (based on Singapore Golfers’ Association)


  • Renewal Fees:
    • SGD $ 50 + GST per person per year
    • Rates are subject to change without prior notice
    • Rates exclude GST, Golf/Range balls and Golf Insurance
    • Other terms and conditions apply.
  • Valid for another one (1) year based on the date of renewal.





Star Golf Academy’s Proficiency Certificate allows cardholders the opportunity to play their own social games at Orchid Country Club (OCC).

  • Self-collection of golf proficiency certificate card at Academy’s office seven (7) to fourteen (14) days or thereafter from the date of passing theory & practical test.
  • Recognized for social games at:
    1. Orchid Country Club during weekdays
      • To gather at least 3 PC holders and book ahead in advance.





A Handicap Index is a net score that indicated the golfer’s playing ability derived from a few rounds of golf played. A Handicap Index will allow golfers of different playing ability to play fairly on somewhat equivalent terms. The lower the index, the better the player. Handicap Index is administered by golf clubs and golf associations.

  • Handicap Courtesy Fees:
    • SGD $ 100 + GST per person (Group Candidate)/ SGD $ 200 + GST per person (Private 1-to-1 Candidate)
    • Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
    • Rates exclude GST, Golf/Range balls and Golf Insurance


  • A Member to My Golf Kaki (MGK) – Handicap Maintenance Golf Club


  • A recognized and valid Proficiency Certificate on the test date from either:
    • Star Golf Academy
      • Proficiency Certificate renewal fees apply for expired card holders.
      • Attendance to a theory workshop is required.
    • Any recognized Country Club in Singapore (Based on Singapore Golfers’ Association Club Member Listing)
      • Compulsory to attend golf rules and etiquette workshop tests prior to the handicap test.
      • Workshop fees apply.


  • Requirements of Handicap Test/ Courtesy Round:
    • A minimum of 9 holes is required to conduct the test. 
      • The test must be completed within 2 hours 15 minutes
      • Seven (7) to ten (10) days advance booking is required; all payment must be made in full before the test date and is non-refundable.
        • For Mens’, not more than 53 strokes
        • For Ladies’, not more than 58 strokes
    • All candidates must be in proper golf attire, appropriate golf shoes, possess own golf set, golf accessories, and pay for green and buggy fees to golfing counter ahead of test tee time.
    • Star Golf Academy reserves the right to postpone group handicap test dates in the event of insufficient candidates.
      • A minimum of 2-3 golfers is required to confirm the test (for group tests).
    • All other terms and conditions apply.




  • All golf lesson rates are based on per person rate and before prevailing Goods and Service Tax.
    • The Singapore government has announced that the Goods and Service Tax rate will increased from (i) 7% to 8% with effect from 1 Jan 2023, and (ii) 8% to 9% with effect from 1 Jan 2024.
  • ‘Weekdays’ refers to Monday to Friday, ‘Weekends and P.H.’ refers to Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays (inclusive of weekdays).
  • All quoted rates do not include golf/ range balls, buggy and green fees, short game facilities fees, equipment rental for on-course, golf insurance,  test fees, and/ or any other administrative fees unless otherwise indicated.
  • Practical and theory tests shall be implemented to ensure all candidates have valid and acceptable level of playing ability, and the knowledge in applying golf rules and etiquette.
  • Booking of slot(s) is advisable to be made at least seven (7) to fourteen (14) days in advance.
    • Confirmation of  booking will be confirmed upon receiving full payment at the Academy’s office.
    • Please email [email protected] with your preferred date, time, and your particulars (and your group members’ information where applicable)  to make the reservation.
  • All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Cancellation(s) and/or amendment(s) to reservations/ bookings must be notified at least TWO (2) DAYS in advance.
  • Green and buggy fees cancellation/ rain-check policy is subject to terms and conditions of the Orchid Country Club.
  • Star Golf Academy reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.
  • Rates may be subject to change without prior notice.
  • Other Terms and Conditions apply.